Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Interesting Bible Verse Connection Notes

(Short version of notes)

Psalm 43:2-4,

Send Forth Your LIGHT and Your TRUTH!

Let Them, Guide me!

To Your, Holy Mountain-Hill!

To The Place Where, You Dwell!

Proverbs 6:23 and 22,

The Commandment Is, A LAMP!

The Teaching, A LIGHT! […]

When you Walk, They will Guide you! 
[Let Them, Guide me, to Your Holy Mountain-Hill!]

When you Wake Up,

They will Speak, to you!

Hebrews 3:15,


If you Listen-Hear-and-Understand, His Voice,

Do Not Harden-or-Make-Stubborn, your Hearts!

Psalm 85:8,

I Will, Listen-Hear-and-Understand,

What God, The Lord, Has to Say!

He Promises Peace, to His People, His Saints!

But Let them Not Look-Back-or-Return-or-Gaze-or-Think-Intently-with-Pleasure-and-Care-Back,

To Folly! 
[“Remember Lot’s Wife!” Luke 17:32 and “Don’t Look Back” Genesis 19:17]

Proverbs 3:1,

My Son,

Do Not, Neglect-or-Forget, My Teaching!

Psalm 119:16,

I will Not, Neglect-or-Forget, Your Word!

Proverbs 4:20-21,

My Son,

Pay Attention to, What I Say.

Listen Closely to, My Words.

Do Not Let Them, Out of your Sight.

Proverbs 7:1,

My Son, Keep My Words.

And Treasure Up, My Commands, Within you!

Psalm 119:11,

I Have, Treasured Up, Your Words, Within my, Heart,

That I may Not Sin, Against You!

Proverbs 4:20-21,

Keep Them, Within your, Heart.

For, They Are, Life, to those who Find Them.

And Health, to a man’s Whole Body.

Proverbs 23:26,

My Son,

Give Me your Heart.

And, Let your Eyes, Delight,

In, My Path-and-Way-and-Course-and-Journey!

Psalm 119:35,

Direct me, In The Path-and-Way-and-Course-and-Journey,

Of Your Commands,

For, There, I Find, Delight!

Psalm 143:8,

Teach me, The Way, I Should Walk!

For, To You, I Lift Up, my Soul!

Isaiah 48:17,

I Am, The Lord your God,

Who Teaches you, for your Benefit-and-Profit.

Who Directs you, In The Way, you Should, Go.

Psalm 32:8,

I will Instruct you.

And Teach-and-Point-Out-to you,

The Way, you Should Go.

I will Counsel-and-Advise-and-Guide you,

With My Eye, Upon you.

Psalm 17:2,

May my Judgement-and-[with it]-Vindication,

Come from You-and-Your-Face!

May Your Eye, See, What is Right!

Psalm 24:4-5,

Who May, Ascend, The Mountain-Hill of The Lord?

Who May Stand, in His Holy Place?

He who has Clean Hands and a Pure Heart!

Who does not Lift Up his Soul to an Idol or Swear Falsely!

He will Receive Blessing, From The Lord!

And Judgement-and-with-it-Vindication, From God his Savior!

Psalm 17:2,

May my Judgement-and-with it-Vindication, Come from You-and-Your-Face!

May Your Eye, See, What is Right!

Psalm 33:18,


The Eye of The Lord,

Is Upon them,

That Fear-and-Revere Him!

Upon them,

That Hope, In His Mercy-and-[therefore also]-Unfailing-Love!

To Deliver them, From Death!

And Keep them Alive, In Famine!

Amos 8:11,

“Behold, The Days Are Coming,”

Declares, The Lord God,

“When I, Will Send, A Famine, on The Land!

Not A Famine of Bread or Thirst for Water,


A Famine of Listening-Hearing-and-Understanding,

The Word of The Lord.”

Isaiah 57:11,

Is it Not, because, I have Long, Kept Silent,

And, Held Myself Back,

That you [faithless?], Do Not, Fear-and-Revere Me?

Psalm 74:11,

Why do You, Hold Back,

Your Hand?

Galatians 2:9,

The Right Hand,

Of Fellowship-Partnership-Interaction-Benefit-and-Profit?

Zechariah 7:13,

“When I Called, They did Not Listen.

So, when they Called, I would Not Listen.”

Says The Lord Almighty!

Job 35:12-14,

He Does Not Answer, when men Cry Out,

Because of The Arrogance of The Wicked!

Indeed, God Does Not Listen To, their Empty Plea.

The Almighty, Pays No Attention, To It.

How Much Less, then, will He Listen, when you say that,

You Do Not See-or-Perceive Him?

That your Case is Before Him, and that you, Must Wait, for Him?

Zechariah 1:3-4,

They Did Not Listen or Pay-Attention, To Me!”

Declares, The Lord.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 and 7,

There is A Time, for Everything. […]

A Time to be Silent, and A Time to Speak.

Isaiah 42:14,

For, A Long Time,

I Have, Kept Silent.

I Have, Kept Quiet.

And, Held Myself, Back.

Psalm 83:1-2,

Do Not, Keep Silent, O God!

Do Not, Keep Quiet!

Or, Be Still [Hold Yourself Back]!

Psalm 109:1,

O God, Whom I Praise, Do Not Keep Silent!

Psalm 28:1,

For, if You Keep Silent, I will be like those who Go Down,

To The Pit!

Isaiah 65:6,

Behold, It Stands Written, Before Me:

"I will Not, Keep Silent, but, I, Will, Repay!"

Psalm 94:2,

Repay, The Proud, what they Deserve!

Isaiah 65:11,

…As for you, who Neglect-Forget-and-then-Forsake, The Lord,

And, Neglect-and-Forget, My Holy Mountain-Hill...

I Called!

But, you Did Not Answer.

I, Spoke!

But, you Did Not Listen. […]

Therefore, This is What, The Lord Says:

My Servants will Eat, but you Will Go Hungry!

My Servants will Drink, but you Will Go Thirsty!

My Servants will Re-Joyce!

But you Will be Put to Shame!

My Servants will Sing, Out of The Cheer-and-Gladness-and-Joy of their Hearts!

But you will Cry Out, from Anguish of Heart!

Isaiah 65:11,

For, I Called,

But, you Did Not Answer.

I, Spoke,

But, you Did Not Listen!

Proverbs 24:12,

If you say, “But, we Knew Nothing About This!”

Does Not He Who Weighs The Heart, See-and-Perceive It?

Does Not He Who Guards your Life, Know It?

Will He Not Repay Everyone,

According to What he Has Done?

Romans 2:5-8,

…Gods’ Righteous Judgement, will be Revelated-and-Revealed,

Who, “Will Repay Each man, According to, his, Deeds!”

To those who, by Perseverance-and-Endurance in Doing Good,

Seek Glory, Honor, and Immortality,

He will Give, LIFE, Eternal-and-unto-INFINITY!

But, for those who are Self-Seeking and Reject The Truth,

There will be, Wrath and Anger!

Proverbs 11:23,

The Desire of The Righteous, Leads Only to Good!

But The Hope of The Wicked, Brings Wrath-and-Anger!

Luke 8:18,

Pay Careful-Attention To, How you Listen-Hear-and-Understand.

Whoever Has, Will be, Given More.

But, Whoever Does Not Have,

Even What he Thinks he Has,

Will be Taken, Away from him.

Jeremiah 8:13,

“I Will Take, Away their Harvest.”

Declares The Lord.

There will be No Grapes, on The Vine.

There will be No Figs, on The Tree, and their Leaves, will Wither!

What I Have Given Them, will be Taken, Away From them.

Habakkuk 3:17-19,

Though, The Fig Tree does not Bud and No Fruit is on The Vines,

Though, The Olive Crop Fails and The Fields Produce No Food,

Though, The Sheep are Cut Off from The Fold and No Cattle are in The Stalls,

Yet, I Will Exult-be-Jubilant-and-Jump-for-Joy, In The Lord!

I Will Rejoice, In The God of my Salvation!

God, The Lord, Is my Strength! ["For, The Joy of The Lord is your Strength!" Nehemiah 8:10]

He Makes my Feet, like The Hinds of A Deer!

He Makes me Walk, upon The Heights!

Matthew 25:29,

For, whoever Has Will be Given More~

And he Will Have In Super-Abundance!

Proverbs 10:3,

The Lord Does Not Suffer, The Soul of The Justified-Just-and-thereby-Righteous,

To Famine!

Amos 8:11,

Not A Famine of Bread or Thirst for Water,


A Famine of Listening-Hearing-and-Understanding,

The Word of The Lord!”

Psalm 111:5,

He Provides Food, for those who Fear-and-Revere Him!

He Remembers His Covenant, Forever!

Psalm 37:18-20,

The Days of The Blameless are Known to The Lord!

And Their Inheritance, will Persevere-and-Endure, Forever!

In, Times of Disaster, they will Not Wither!

In, Days of Famine, they will En-Joy Plenty!

Psalm 119:54,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies, are my *Food Portion*-and-The-Theme,

Of My Song...!

Ezekiel 5:17,

I Will Send Famine...!

Job 5:20 and 22,

In Famine, He Will Protect-Deliver-Save you, From Death!

You Will Laugh At... Famine...!

Psalm 119:171-176,

May my Lips, Overflow, with [The Pure Water of] Praise!

For, You Teach me, Your Decrees!

[Which is the same as to say]

May my Tongue Sing, of Your Word!

For, All Your Commands, Are Righteous!

Ephesians 5:19,

...Be Filled, With The Spirit!

[“The Words That I Have Spoken, To you, Are Spirit, and They Are Life!” Jesus Said in John 6:63]

Speak to one another!

In Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs!


And Make Music, With your Hearts, To The Lord…!

Psalm 108:1,

My Heart is Restored-and-therefore-Steadfast!

I Will Sing!

And Make Music with my Heart-my-Super-Abundance-my-Mighty-Weight-my-Glory-Honor-and-I-will-do-so-Copiously-with-Profuse-Speech-and-Ideas!

Song of Solomon 2:12,

The Season, of Singing, Has Come...!

Ephesians 5:19,


And Make Music, With your Hearts, To The Lord…!

Psalm 108:1,

My Heart is Restored-and-Steadfast!

I Will Sing!

And Make Music with...

Isaiah 16:11,

My Heart… like a Harp, My Inmost Being…!

Jeremiah 48:36,

My Heart… like Pipes, My Inmost Being…!

Palm 45:1,

My Heart is Stirred, by A Noble-Pleasant-and-Agreeable Theme,

As I Recite my Poetic-Verses-Property-and-Work-Quota, for The King!

Psalm 119:54,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies, are my *Food Portion*-and-The-Theme,

[Of] My Song...!

Psalm 35:28,

My Tongue will Meditate-on-and-Proclaim Your Righteousness and Your Praises,

All Day Long!

Psalm 119:3,

Blessed-and-Happy are those, who Seek Him, With All their Heart!

They Do, No Wrong!

They Walk, In His Ways!

Psalm 93:5,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies, Stand Firm!

Holiness, Adorns Your House!

For, Endless Days!

Psalm 148:6,

He Established them, Forever and Ever!

He Issued, A Decree!

They Will Never Pass Away!

Psalm 119:111,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies, Are my Inheritance, Forever!

For They Are,

The Joy,

Of My Heart!

Palm 45:1,

My Heart is Stirred, by A Noble Theme,

As I Recite my Verses, for The King!

My Tongue Is The Instrument, of A Swift-and-Skillful Writer!

2 Corinthians 3:3,

Written, Not With Ink!

But, With The Spirit of The Living God!

Not, On Tablets of Stone.

But, On Tablets of Human Hearts!

Matthew 25:29,

For, whoever Has, Will be, Given More, and he Will Have, in Super-Abundance!

Psalm 119:111,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies are my Inheritance, Forever!

For, They Are,

The Joy,

Of, My Heart!

Psalm 30:11-12,

You turned my Wailing into Dancing!

You Removed my Sackcloth, and Clothed me with Joy!

That my Heart may Sing, Your Praises!

And Not, Be Silent!

1 Corinthians 9:16-17,

…I am Compelled to Preach!

…I Preach Voluntarily…!

1 Corinthians 9:16-17,

…I am Compelled to Preach! [By Joy?]

Jeremiah 20:9,

If I say,

“I Will Not Mention Him or Speak anymore, in His Name,”

His Word is, In, my Heart, like a Fire, Shut Up in my Bones!

I am Weary-and-Sick-and-Tired, of Holding It, In!

Indeed, I Cannot!

Job 32:19-20,

Indeed my Belly is like Wine that has No Vent; It is Ready to Burst,

Like New Wineskins!

I Must Speak, and Find Relief!

Psalm 39:3,

My Heart, Grows Hot, Within me!

I Mused, The Fire Burned!

Then, I Spoke, with my Tongue!

Acts 4:20,

For, we Cannot Stop Talking, about what we, Have, Seen and Heard!

Job 32:18,

For, I am FILLED WITH WORDS, and my Spirit Within, me, Compels me!

Psalm 80:6-7,

You Have Made us, A Source of Contention-Strife-and-Quarrels, to our Neighbors!

And, our Enemies, Mock-Stammer-Speak-Unintelligibly-Laugh-Scorn-and-Deride us!

Restore us, O God Almighty!

Psalm 51:2,

Restore to me, The Joy, of Your Salvation!

And, Lay-on-Make-Rest-on-and-Sustain-me with, A Willing Spirit!

Then, I Will Teach, Transgressors, Your Paths-and-Ways!

And, Sinners Will, Return to You!

Psalm 119:146,

I Call Out, To You!

Save me!

Psalm 51:2,

Then, I Will Teach, Transgressors, Your Paths-and-Ways!

And, Sinners Will Return, To You!

Psalm 91:15,

He will Call Out, To Me!

And I Will Listen-Hear-and-Answer him!

I Will be With him in Trouble!

I Will Deliver and Honor him!

Isaiah 65:24,

Before they, Call, I will Answer!

While they, are Still Arranging-and-Setting-In-Order their-Speech,

I will Listen-Hear-and-Answer!

Isaiah 62:1-2 and 6-7,

For Zion’s Sake, I will Not Keep Silent!

For Jerusalem’s Sake, I will Not Keep Quiet!

Till Her Righteousness Shines Out, like The Dawn!

Her Salvation, like a Blazing Torch!

The Nations will See, your Righteousness!

And All Kings, your Glory-and-Honor!

You will be Called, by A New Name, that The Mouth of The Lord will Bestow!

I have Posted Watchmen on your Walls, O Jerusalem!

[Psalm 119:148, “My Eyes Stay Open (The Eyes of your Heart” Eph 1:18), Through The Watches of The Night, as I Meditate, on Your Promises!” “In Vain you Rise Early and Stay Up Late, Toiling for Food to Eat. For, He Grants Sleep to those He Loves!”, “I Slept, but my Heart was Awake!” Song of Solomon 5:2]

They will Never be Silent, Day or Night!

You, who Call on The Lord, Give yourselves, No Rest!

And, Give Him, No Rest!

Until He Establishes Jerusalem!

And Makes Her, The Praise of The Whole-Earth!

Psalm 50:7 and 16-17 and 21-23,

Listen-Hear-and-Understand, O My People, and I Will Speak…!

To, The Wicked, God Says:

“What Right, Have you, to Recite My Laws?

Or to Take, My Covenant, on your Lips?

You Hate My Instruction and Cast My Words, Behind you! […]

These Things, you Have Done,

And I Kept Silent.

You Thought, The I Am, was Like you.

But, I will, Rebuke you.

And, Accuse you, to your Face!

[Hosea 13:7, “When they Had Pasture, they became Satisfied; When they were Satisfied, their Hearts Became Proud. As a result, they Neglected-and-Forgot, about Me. Therefore, I Will be, Like A Lion, to them!”]

Consider This, you who, Neglect-and-Forget, God!
Or, I will Tear you to Pieces, with No-One to Rescue!

[“I will be Like A Lion… I Will Tear them to Pieces!” Hosea 5:14]

He who, Offers Grateful-Praise-and-Thanksgiving, as Sacrifice,

Honors-and-Glorifies, Me!

And, he Sets-In-Order-Rightly-and-Prepares, The Way!

That I, May Give-Revelation to him, of The Salvation of God!

Psalm 25:9-10,

The Meek, He will Guide, in Judgement!

And, The Meek, He will Teach, His Way!

Psalm 119:66,

Diligently-and-Skillfully-Goad-and-Teach me,

Knowledge and Good Judgement.

For, I Believe, in Your Commands! […]

Psalm 119:33,

Diligently-and-Skillfully-Goad-and-Teach me,

Your Decrees!

Psalm 34:11,

Come, My Son! [that means] Listen-Hear-and-Understand Me!

I will Diligently-and-Skillfully-Goad-and-Teach you,

The-Fear-and-Reverence of The Lord.

Psalm 111:10,

The Fear-and-Reverence of The Lord is The Beginning of Wisdom!

All who Follow His Precepts, Have Rich-and-Fat Understanding!

His Praise Endures, Forever!

Proverbs 4:4,

Lay Hold of My Words with,

All your Heart.

Psalm 119:69,

I will Keep-Watch-and-Guard Your Precepts with,

All my Heart!

Proverbs 4:4,

Keep-Watch-and-Guard My Commands,

And you will Live!

Psalm 119:33,

Then, I will Keep-Watch-and-Guard Them,

To The End!

Psalm 119:102,

For, You,


Have Taught me!

Psalm 119:24,

Your Statutes-and-Testimonies, Are my Delight!

They are my Counselors-Advisors-and-Guides!

Deuteronomy 32:47,

They are Not, just Empty-Idle-Vain-or-Futile Words, for you—They are, your Life!

By them, you Will, Live Long…

Psalm 119:159,

Consider, how I Love Your Statutes-Precepts-and-Things-Appointed-and-Ordained, O Lord!

Give me Life, According to Your Reproof-Loving-Devotion-Kindness-and-Piety!

The Entirety of Your Word, is Truth!

[The Ordinances of The Lord are Sure and, All-Together, Righteous!” Psalm 19:7-11]

And All Your Righteous Judgements, Endure Forever!

Psalm 119:33,

I will Keep-Watch-and-Guard Them,

To The End!

Psalm 119:102,

For, You,


Have Taught me!

John 6:45,

It is Written, in The Prophets:

“And they will All, be Taught by God.”

Therefore, Every man, who Has Heard and Learned, Alongside The Father,

Comes, to Me.

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

John 14:6,

I Am, The Way…!

Matthew 9:13,

For, I have Not Come,

To Call,

The Righteous,

But, Sinners!

Psalm 25:8,

Good and Upright, is The Lord!

Therefore, He Shows, Sinners, The Way!

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

John 14:6,

I Am, The Way…!

Psalm 93:15,

…the Upright in Heart, Will Follow…!

1 Corinthians 1:29-30,

…Christ Jesus, Who has Become, for us, Wisdom from God...!

Psalm 94:15,

For, Judgment-Justice-and-Justification will Again, Return-and-be-Founded, Upon Righteousness!

And, All The Upright In Heart, Will Follow It!

Psalm 43:2-4,

Why Must I, Walk-About in Darkness-Dull-[Without-Understanding?]-Mourning-and-Sorrowful,

Because of, The Enemy’s, Oppression?

Send Forth, Your LIGHT and Your Truth!

Let Them, Guide me!

To Your, Holy Mountain-Hill!

To The Place Where, You Dwell!

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

John 14:6,

I Am, The Way, The Truth, and The Life! [“The LIGHT of Life!”]

John 8:12,

Once Again, Jesus Spoke, to the people and Said:

“I Am, The Light of The World!

He who Follows Me, will Not Walk in Darkness-Dull-and-Without Understanding,

But, will Have, The Light of Life!”

John 10:10,

I Came, that they May Have, Life!

And, Have It, Super-Abundantly-and-to-the-Fullest!

Proverbs 12:28 says,

In, The Way of Righteousness, there is LIFE!

Along, That Path, there is, No Death!

Psalm 139:24,

Lead me, In The Way, Ever-Lasting!

Isaiah 42:16,

I Will Lead, The Blind, by A Way, they Have Not Known!

Along, Un-Familiar Paths [The Paths of Your Commands], I Will Guide Them!

I Will Turn Darkness, into LIGHT, Before Them!

These are, The Things, I Will Do, For Them!

I Will Not, Neglect-Forget-or-Forsake, Them!

Psalm 139:24,

Lead me, In The Way, Ever-Lasting!

Isaiah 55:12,

You will, Go Out, in Joy!

And, be Led Forth, in Peace!

The Mountains, and Hills, will BREAK-FORTH-AND-BURST,

Into Song, Before you!

And, The Trees of the Fertile-Field, will Clap their Hands!

Isaiah 49:13,

Break-Forth-and-Burst into Song, O Mountains!

Psalm 96:12-12,

Let, The Fields, Exult-be-Jubilant-and-Jump-for-Joy!

And Everything, In Them!

Then, All The Trees of The Garden-Forest, Will Sing-and-Shout for Joy!

They, Will Sing, Before The Lord!

For, He Comes!

He Comes, to Judge, The Earth!

He, will Judge, The World, In Righteousness!

And, The Peoples, In His Truth!

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

Hebrews 12:2,

Jesus, The Pioneer and Perfecter of our Faith!

Ecclesiastes 7:12,

Wisdom is a Shelter…!

In Job 28:12, one asks:

Where can Wisdom be Found?

Where does Understanding Dwell?

Jeremiah 6:16-19,

This is What The Lord Says:

Stand, at The Ancient Cross-Roads, and Look!

Ask, for The Ancient Paths!

Ask, Where The Good Way, Is!

And Walk, In It!

And you,

Will Find,


For your Souls!

But, you said:

We will Not, Walk, In It!

I Appointed Watchmen, Over you, and Said:


But, you said:

“We will Not, Listen!”


Hear, O Nations!

Observe, O Witnesses!

What will, Happen, to them.

Hear, O Earth!

I Am, Bringing, Disaster, on This People!

The Fruit, of Their Own, Schemes!

Because they have Not, Listened, to My Words!

And, have Rejected, My Law!

Job 38:19,

Where is, The Way, to The Dwelling of Light?

Proverbs 8:1-2,

Does Not, Wisdom, Call Out?

Does Not, Understanding, Raise her Voice?

On, The Heights, Overlooking,

The Way,

At The Cross-Roads!

She Takes, Her Stand!

Jeremiah 6:16-19,

This is What The Lord Says:

Stand At The Ancient Crossroads, and Look!

Jeremiah 21:8 says it again,

Tell, This People, that This Is What, The Lord Says:

Behold, I Set Before you,

The Way of Life and The Way of Death!

Jeremiah 6:16-19,

The Ancient Crossroads...!

Deuteronomy 30:12,


I Have Set Before you, Today,

Life and Pleasant-Goodness!

As well as,

Death and Disastrous-Evil!

Jeremiah 21:8 says it again,

See-and-Behold, I Set Before you,

The Way of Life and The Way of Death!

Proverbs 8:1-4,

Does Not, Wisdom, Call Out?

Does Not, Understanding, Raise her Voice?

On, The Heights, Overlooking,

The Way,

At The Cross-Roads!

She Takes, Her Stand!

“To you, O Men, I Call!

I Raise My Voice, To All Mankind!”

Proverbs 9:3,

She Calls,

From, The Highest Point, of The City,

“Let All, who are Simple, Come,

In, Here!”

Revelation 22:17,

The ***Spirit*** AND The ***Bride*** Say, “Come!”

And, Let him who Hears, Say, “Come!”

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

John 14:6,

I Am, The Way…!

Matthew 9:13,

For, I have Not Come,

To Call,

The Righteous!

But, Sinners!

Psalm 25:8,

Good and Upright, is The Lord!

Therefore, He Shows Sinners, The Way!

1 Corinthians 1:29-30,

…Christ Jesus, Who has Become, for us, Wisdom from God...!

Psalm 65:2,

O, You Who Hear, Prayer!

To You, All Men, will,


John 16:13-14,

When He, The Spirit of Truth Comes,

He Will Not, Speak On His Own,

But, He Will Speak Only What He Listens-Hears-and-Understands.

He Will Proclaim To: "Come!"

Revelation 22:17,

The Spirit and the Bride, Say, “Come!”

And, Let him, who Listens-Hears-and-Understands, Say, “Come!”

Whoever is Thirsty, Let him, "Come!"

And, Whoever Wishes, Let him Take The Free Gift, of The Water of Life!

James 4:8,

Come, Near to God, and, He Will, Come Near, to you!

Psalm 95:1-,


Let us, Sing for Joy, To The Lord!

Let us, Shout Aloud, To The Rock of Our Salvation!

Let Us, "Come", Before Him, with Thanksgiving!

And, Extol Him, with Music and Song!


Today, if you Hear His Voice, Do Not Harden your Hearts…!

They Have Not Known, My Ways!

Matthew 4:19,

“Come, Follow Me!” Jesus said.

Luke 13:29,

People, Will, Come!

From the East!

And West!

And North!

And South!

And Take, their Places,

At The Feast, In The Kingdom of God!

Isaiah 49:12-13,


They will Come, from Afar!

Some, from The North!

Some, from The West!

Some, from The Region of Aswan!

Shout, for Joy, O Heavens!

Re-Joy-ce, O Earth!


For, The Lord Comforts, His People!

And, Will Have, Compassion, on His Afflicted Ones!

Psalm 107:1-3,

Give Thanks, to The Lord, for He Is Good!

His Love Endures, Forever!

Let, The Redeemed of The Lord Say This!

Those, He Redeemed, from The Hand of The Foe!

Those, He Gathered from The Lands of,

The East!

And West!

From North!

And South-and-The-Sea!

Jeremiah 31:6-14,

There will be, A Day,

When The Watchmen, Cry Out, on The Hills of Fruitful-Ephraim!


Let us Go Up to Zion!

To The Lord Our God!”

This is What The Lord Says:


With Cheer-and-Gladness-and-Joy, for Jacob!


For, The Foremost of Nations!

Make your Praises Heard, and Say:

O Lord, Save Your People!

The Remnant of Israel!”


I will Bring them, from The Land of The North!

And, Gather them, from The Ends of The Earth!

Among them, will be The Blind and The Lame, Expectant Mothers and Women in Labor!

A Great Throng, will Return!

They will Come!

With Weeping!

They will Pray, as I Bring them Back!

I will Lead them, Besides Streams of Water,

On, A Level Path, Where they will Not Stumble!

Because, I Am Israel’s Father!

And Ephraim is, My Firstborn Son! [like an Unruly Calf]

Listen-Hear-and-Understand, The Word of The Lord, O Goyim-Nations!

Proclaim It, in Dissstttant Coastlands!

“He Who Scattered Israel, Will Gather Them!

And will Watch Over His Flock, like A Shepherd!

For, The Lord will Ransom Jacob, and Redeem Them, from The Hand of those Stronger than They.

They will Come!

And Shout for Joy, on The Heights of Zion!

They will Rejoice!

In The Bounty of The Lord—The Grain, The New Wine, and The Oil!
The Young of The Flock and The Herds!

They will be like A Well-Watered Garden!

[“The Lord Will Guide you, Always! He Will Satisfy your Needs, in A Sun-Scorched Land, and Strengthen your Frame! You will be like, A Well-Watered Garden, like A Spring, whose Waters Never Fail!” Isaiah 58:11]

And They will Sorrow, No More!

Then, Maidans, will Dance and be Cheerful-Joyful-and-Glad!

Young men, and Old as well!

I will Turn their Mourning, into Gladness!

I will Give Them Comfort and Joy, instead of Sorrow!

I will Satisfy The Priests, with Super-Abundance, and My People will be Filled, with My Bounty!”

Declares The Lord!

Isaiah 49:22,


I Will Lift-My-Hand and Beckon, The Goyim-Gentiles!

And Raise My Flag-and-Banner, to The Peoples!

They will Bring your Sons, in their Arms!

And, your Daughters on their Shoulders!

Isaiah 11:12,

He Will Raise, A Flag-and-Banner, for The Nations!

And Gather, The Exiles of Israel!

He will Collect, The Scattered of Judah, from The Four Corners of The Earth!

Isaiah 14:2,

The Nations will Escort Israel, and Bring It, to Its Homeland.

Then, The House of Israel, will Possess The Nations, as Menservants and Maidservants in The Lord’s Land.

They will Make Captives of their Captors, and Rule Over their Oppressors!

Isaiah 18:3,

All you Peoples of The World and Dwellers on The Earth,

When A Flag-and-Banner is Raised,

You will See-and-Perceive It!

When, A Ram’s Horn Sounds, you will Listen-Hear-and-Understand It!

Isaiah 43:6,

I will Say, to The North: “Give Them, Up!”

And, to The South: “Do Not Hold Them, Back!”

Isaiah 58:11,

Shout-and-Cry Aloud!

Do Not, Hold Back!

Raise your Voice, like A Trumpet!

Declare, To My People their Rebellion-and-Transgression, To The House of Jacob, their Sins!

For, Day After Day, They Seek Me…!

Isaiah 2:5,

Come, Let us Walk In, The Light of The Lord!

Isaiah 24:14,

They Raise their Voices!

They Shout for Joy!

From The Western-place-in-and-beyond-the-sea!

Men Proclaim,

The Lord’s Majesty!

Isaiah 43:6,

Bring My Sons, from Afar!

And My Daughters, from The Ends of The Earth!


Who is Called!

By My Name!

Whom I Created, for My Glory-and-Honor!

Whom I Formed and Made!
[“You Formed-and-Made my Inmost-Being!” Psalm 139:13]

Lead Out, those who have Eyes but are Blind!

Who have Ears, but are Deaf!

All The Nations, Gather Together!

And, The Peoples, Assemble!

[Isaiah 13:3-4, “I Have Commanded My Sanctified Ones! I have Summoned My Warriors to Execute My Wrath and Exult in My Triumph! Listen! A Noise on The Mountains-and-Hilltops, like That of A Great Multitude! Listen, an Up-Roar, Among The Nations! The Lord of Hosts is Mustering, an Army for WAR!” “But, the Weapons we Fight With, Are Not of This World…” 2 Cor. 10:4]

Which of them, Foretold, This?

And, Proclaimed, The Former Things?

Let them Bring in,

Their Witnesses,

To Prove they were Right, so that others may hear, and say, “It is true.”

“You Are, My Witnesses!” Declares The Lord!

And My Servant, Whom I, Have Chosen!

So that you may Know and Believe Me!

And Understand, that I Am He!

Before Me, No god was Formed!

Nor, will there be one After Me!

I, Even, I Am, The Lord!

And Apart from Me, there is No Savior!

I have Revealed and Saved and Proclaimed—I, and not some foreign god among you.

You Are My Witnesses,” Declares The Lord,

“That I Am God!

Yes, and from Ancient Days, I Am He.

No one can Deliver, Out of My Hand!

When I Act, who can Reverse It?”

Isaiah 45:8,

Drop Down, you Heavens, from Above!

And, Let The Skies Pour Down, Righteousness!

Let The Earth Open-Up!

Let them Bring Forth, Salvation!

Let Righteousness Spring Up, with It!

I, The Lord, Have Created It!

Psalm 85:11,

Faithfulness Springs, from The Earth!

And Righteousness, Looks Down, from Heaven!

The Lord Will, Indeed, Give What Is Good!

And, Our Land, Will Yield, Its Harvest!

Righteousness Goes Before Him!

And Sets-in-Order-Rightly-and-Prepares The Way, for His Steps!

Psalm 50:23,

He who, Offers Grateful-Praise-and-Thanksgiving, as Sacrifice,

Honors-and-Glorifies, Me.

And, he Sets-in-Order-Rightly-and-Prepares The Way,

That I, May Revelate to him, The Salvation of God!

Isaiah 57:14,

And, It Will be Said:




Remove Every Stumbling-Block-Idol-and-Scruple,

Out of The Way,

Of My People!

Psalm 50:23,

…Set-in-Order-Rightly-and-Prepare The Way,

That I, May Show… The Salvation of God!

Romans 14:13,

Let us Not, therefore, Judge one another anymore:

But, Judge This, Rather,

That No man Put a Stumbling-Block or an Occasion to Fall, In his Brother’s Way.

1 John 2:10,

He who Loves his Brother, Abides In The Light!

And, there is No Occasion of Stumbling, In him!

Psalm 119:165,

Abundant Peace, Belongs to those, who Love Your Instruction!

Nothing, Can Make them, Stumble!

Isaiah 45:8,

Drop Down, you Heavens, from Above!

And, Let The Skies Pour Down, Righteousness!

Isaiah 61:11,

For, as The Earth Brings Forth its Growth,

And, as a Garden Enables Seed, to Spring Up,

So, The Lord God, will Cause Righteousness and Praise,

To Spring Up!

Before All Nations!

Isaiah 44:3,

For, I Will, Pour Water On, The Parched-and-Thirsty Land!

Psalm 143:6,

…My Soul Thirsts, For You, like A Parched-and-Thirsty Land!

Psalm 63:1,

O God, You Are, my God.

Early-and-Diligently, I Seek You!

My Soul Thirsts, For You, and my Body Longs, For You,

In, A Dry and Weary Land, Where there is, No Water.

Isaiah 41:17,

The Poor and Needy, Search for Water, but There Is, None!

Their, Tongues, Are Parched, with Thirst!

But, I, Their Lord, will Answer, Them!

I Will Not, Forsake, Them!

I, will Make, Rivers Flow, on Barren Heights!

And, Springs, within The Valleys!

I, will Turn, The Desert, into Pools of Water!

And, The Parched Ground, into Springs!

I, will Put, in The Desert,

The Cedar and The Acacia, The Myrtle and The Olive!

I, will Set, Pines, in The Wasteland!

The Fir and The Cypress, Together.

So that People,

May See and Know!

May Consider and Understand!

That, The Hand of The Lord, Has Done This!

That, The Holy One of Israel, Has Created It!

Deuteronomy 32:2,

Give Ear, O Heavens, and I Will Speak!

Listen-Hear-and-Understand, O Earth, The Words of My Mouth!

Let My Teaching, Fall like Rain!

And My Word-Utterances-and-Speech, Distill-and-Settle like Dew!

Like Gentle Rain, on New Grass!

Like Showers, on Tender Plants!

Isaiah 44:3-4,

For, I Will, Pour Water, on the Thirsty Land!

And, Streams, on the Dry Ground.

I will, Pour Out My Spirit, on your Offspring!

And My Blessing, on your Descendants!

They, will Spring Up, like Grass, in a Meadow!

Like Poplar Trees, by Flowing Streams!

Proverbs 1:23,


I Will, Pour Out, My Spirit, On you!

I Will, Make Known, My Words, to you!

Psalm 65:9-13,

You, Care for the Land, and Water It!

You, Enrich It, Super-Abundantly!

The Streams of God, are Filled With Water!

Isaiah 51:3,

He will Make, Her Deserts like, Eden! [Eden means “Delight!”]

Her Wastelands like, The Garden of The Lord!

Joy and Gladness, will be Found, In Her!

Thanksgiving, and, The Sound, of Singing!

Revelation 22:17,

The Spirit and the Bride, Say, “Come!”

And, Let him, who Listens-Hears-and-Understands, Say, “Come!”

Whoever is Thirsty, Let him, Come!

And, Whoever Wishes, Let him Take, The Free Gift, of The Water of Life!

John 7:37-39,

If anyone Thirsts, Come!

Let him, Drink.

Whoever Believes, in Me, as the Scripture has Said:

Out of his Heart,

Will Flow Springs,

Of Living Water!

Now, He Said this about, The Spirit,

Whom those who, Believed in Him, were to Receive…

As Christ Said in John 6:63-64,

The Words I Have Spoken to you Are Spirit,

And, They Are Life.

However, there are some of you, who Do Not, Believe.

Psalm 119:66,

I Believe, in Your Commands!

Proverbs 4:23,

Watch Over, your Heart, with All Diligence!

For, From It, Flow, The Springs of Life!

Proverbs 10:11 and 21,

The Mouth, of The Righteous, is, A Fountain of Life! [11]

The Lips, of The Righteous, Nourish, Many!

But, Fools, Die, for Lack of Judgement! [21]

Proverbs 10:31,

The, Mouth of The Righteous, Brings Forth, Wisdom!

Isaiah 55:1-2,


All you who are Thirsty!


To, The Waters!

And you, who have No Money,


Buy, and Eat!


Buy Wine and Milk!

Without Money, and without Cost!

Why Spend Money, on what is, Not Bread,

And your Labor, on what does, Not *Satisfy*?

Matthew 5:6,

Blessed are those who Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness!

For they, Will be *Satisfied*!

Isaiah 55:2-8,

Listen, Listen, to Me!

And, Eat, What is Good!

And, your Soul, Will Delight,

In, The Richest of Fare!

Give Ear, and Come, to Me!

Hear Me, that your Soul, may Live!

Psalm 63:5 and 7,

My, Soul will be Satisfied, with, The Richest of Foods!

Isaiah 55:2-8,

In, The Richest of Fare!

Isaiah 25:6,

On, This Mountain, The Lord of Hosts, will Prepare,

A Rich Feast!

Isaiah 25:6,

On, This Mountain…!

Isaiah 25:1,

Those who, Trust in The Lord, are as, Mount Zion…!

Isaiah 25:6,

On, This Mountain, The Lord of Hosts, will Prepare,

A Rich Feast!

Psalm 132:13,

For, The Lord Has, Chosen Zion!

He, Has Desired It, For His Dwelling!

This Is, My Resting Place, Forever and Ever!

Here, I Will, Sit Enthroned, For I Have, Desired It!

I, Will Bless Her, With Super-Abundant Provisions!

Her Poor,

I, Will Satisfy, With Food!

I, Will Clothe Her Priests, With Salvation!

And, Her Saints, Will Ever-Sing With Joy!

Isaiah 25:6-8,

On, This Mountain, The Lord of Hosts, Will Prepare,

A Feast of Rich Foods, for All Peoples!

A Banquet, of Aged Wine!

The Best Meats and The Finest Wines!

On, This Mountain, He Will,

Destroy, The Shroud, that Enfolds, All Peoples!

The Sheet, that Covers, All Nations!

He Will, Swallow Up, Death, Forever!

The Sovereign Lord, Will, Wipe Away, The Tears, from All Faces!

He Will, Remove, The Disgrace, of His People, from All The Earth!

The Mouth of The Lord, Has Spoken.

Nehemiah 8:10,

Go, and En-Joy Choice Food!

And, Sweet Drinks!

And, Send Some, to those, who Have Nothing Set-in-order-or-Prepared!

Do Not Grieve, for,

The, Joy of The Lord, is your Strength!

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