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Ryan Sorba on Paul Singer’s Gay Agenda: Punish, Pay-Off, and Promote

Paul Singer
There are wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking around the Republican Party. One thinly veiled predator is Paul E. Singer, 72, CEO of Elliott Management Corp., a New York Hedge Fund specializing in Distressed Debt Acquisition.[i]

According to Forbes' List Paul Singer’s net worth is approximately 2.7 billion dollars. [ii]  According to the New York Times he has given over $10 million to homosexual causes –not including strategic campaign contributions.[iii]

The billionaire is notable to because he supports the radical gay agenda within the Republican Party, by:

·         Punishing those who work and speak out against gay agenda
·         Paying off those who agree to be neutral or silent about opposing the gay agenda
·         Promoting those who support the gay agenda within the Republican Party

Singer’s support for the radical homosexual agenda started in 1998 after his son Andrew began to self-identify as “gay.” Prior to this Singer was not particularly "pro-gay." Singer notes that his son's homosexuality became the cause for his political evolution:

"At best I was indifferent to ambivalent, at worst probably insensitive," he said. "My son coming out caused me to be more sensitive [to these issues]. Maybe it should have happened earlier, but better late than never."[iv]

Singer later told the UK Daily Mail that he had gone from a, "solid 2.1 out of 10, in terms of supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, to a six.” He continued: “I think I've just risen from there.” In 2009 Paul Singer participated in his son Andrew Singer's so-called "same-sex" wedding ceremony with homosexual partner Corey Morris.[v] 

Andrew Singer (Left) Paul Singer (Right)

Paul Singer has developed an elaborate fundraising apparatus dedicated to punishing those who oppose the gay agenda and rewarding those willing to be silent or support it.

Singer punished Hobby Lobby for example by having the company labeled an "Enemy of Freedom" by one of his activist groups ostensibly named "Freedom for All Americans."[vi]

Shrewdly, while labeling Hobby Lobby an “Enemy of Freedom” Singer was simultaneously donating cash to Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible through another activist group he funds called "The Philos Project." Singer it seems was attempting to persuade Hobby Lobby to sterilize their Museum of the Bible of references to the sinful nature of homosexuality.[vii] 

In addition to punishing those who adhere to Biblical principles and paying off various pro-family groups to be silent, Singer also actively promotes those willing switch their stance to support the gay agenda.

A noteworthy example of this was the 2012 creation of Singer’s self-funded “American Unity PAC,” a $1 million war chest he set aside to distribute for the purpose of supporting so-called “Conservatives” and “Republicans” who would be willing to support the radical gay agenda.[viii]

Singer’s efforts were responsible for New York Republican Legislators changing their votes to support same-sex marriage. Singer’s Republicans provided the margin for victory for same-sex marriage to pass the New York state legislature.[ix]

Singer is also a top donor to the Republican Senatorial Committee and many ostensibly conservative homosexual activist organizations like “Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry” and “LGBT University.”[x] 

Paul Singer is a crafty and well-armed enemy of traditional values. His activism and enormous donations are motivated by the self-avowed homosexuality of his son, Andrew.

Singer, like many parents of children who have developed same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD) appears to rely on the myth that individuals are “born gay” as a pretense for the normalcy of his son. In reality much research shows that the major cause for same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD) is sexual abuse.[xi]

It is plausible that Paul Singer knows something may have happened to his son and feels guilty as a father. It is not beyond possibility that his massive donations and sudden missionary zeal for this issue are rooted in guilt. Perhaps Singer is trying to make up for some abuse that may have happened to his son by changing the world to accept his son’s dysfunction rather than helping is son deal with his issues privately and professionally. Warping society to accept dysfunction as normal will only create the context for more victims.

For these reasons, we at think it is important to educate members about the questionable tactics of Paul Singer, a billionaire bully and enabler.

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