Monday, March 06, 2023

The Name of Jesus, Foretold

Jesus Christ begins, circa 742 B.C., speaking through the mouth of The Prophet Isaiah, Son of Amoz. Isaiah 49:1,  

Hear This! 

You Distant Nations!


You Remote, Future Generation!  

Before I was Born, The Lord Called Me!

Before My Birth, He Made Mention, of My Name!

Zechariah 6:11 and 12 continue, written circa 586 B.C., 

Take The Silver and The Gold, and Make A Crown!

Set It, On The Head, of The High Priest, Jesus…!

Tell Him, This is What, The Lord Almighty Says: 

Here is The Man, Whose Name Is, The Branch!

Most Bibles use the name "Joshua" ("Yehoshua") here, which is simply the Hebrew variant of the Aramaic name "Jesus" ("Yeshua").  Thus, "Joshua" and "Jesus" are actually the same name. Both translate into English literally as, “The Lord Saves” from Hebrew and Aramaic.  Further, "Joshua" is listed in Zechariah 6:11 as the "Son of Jehozadak," which means “The Son of The Lord (Jehovah or YHWH) of Righteousness,” just as Jesus is "The Son of the Lord of Righteousness."  Zechariah 3:8-9 continue,

Hear This, O High Priest Jesus, and Your Friends Seated Before You, who are men Symbolic of Things to Come [“mopheth,”[1] men who are wondrous signs, portents, or works, to be marveled at among the nations]:

"I Am Going to Bring My Servant: The Branch!

Behold, The Stone I have Set in Front of Jesus. There are Seven Eyes on That Stone, and will Engrave an Inscription on It," Says The Lord Almighty, "and I will Remove The Sin of This land, in A Single Day."

[1] Strong’s Concordance #4159, “mopheth”;

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