Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The fight to defend marriage and religious liberty are two of the most important causes that there are. These institutions sustain not only a vibrant, free and humane society but healthy and happy individual lives as well.

Unfortunately radical pro-sodomy activists seek to undermine marriage and religious liberty (which promote virtue) because marriage and religious liberty undermine their sexually libertine agenda (which promotes vice).

The pro-sodomy movement has made incredible advances in recent years. One of the chief reasons for this is that they have been propagandizing the rising generation with chicanery and lies.

The time has come, for the lies to end.

I have been working on a book for several years now, entitled The "Born Gay" Hoax. The book is designed to answer every question posed by the radical homosexual agenda and to point out their lies and self-contradictions. The book is a tool to help educate. More specifically, it is a tool to help the answers reach the "tipping point." There is an older version of the book free for you to view online here:

In their efforts to destabilize marriage and create "hate-speech" laws to criminalize freedom of religion, speech and opinion -pro-sodomy activists have crossed the line. It is now necessary for everyday Americans to confront the claims of the neo-pagan sexual libertine activists as well as their political movement head on, philosophically, legally, financially, and politically.

Below, you will find a list of projects that will be highly effective in the effort to win this battle for religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and for the rising generation, via marriage, which is first and foremost about children. These projects cost money, however. If you want to win this battle for truth for the rising generation, as well as society as a whole, please donate just below, and please email me at and let me know how you would like to get involved.


Ryan Sorba



Project 1

Operation Win the Public Debate on Marriage

The best method by which to win the public debate on marriage is my forthcoming book, The "Born Gay" Hoax, which is nearly complete. The book will educate the public and give me and others on my team a platform by which we can promote the ideas contained within. It will be ready for a full edit within months. A full professional edit however can run is between $5,000 and $10,000. Any contribution toward this end would be very helpful!

Project 2: National Field Program

Politics is

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