Wednesday, October 04, 2017

The left won't stop until we're stripped of our liberties and Constitutional Conservatism is eradicated.

By Justin Esthay. I hate to say it, but judging from the society I observe today, the left will eventually abolish the Second Amendment; just as they have achieved a de facto abolition of the First Amendment. People will cite the Constitution and say freedom of speech and religion are still there, but try practicing either to any meaningful extent as a Christian/Conservative and see what happens. So, even if they can't amend it away, they will in time merely circumvent it as they always do until that part of the document is as universally disregarded as the rest. It's amazing to me how people on the right in this country still think they're free. People will literally claim to still have freedom of speech, while having modified their entire vocbulary specifically to avoid offending certain (almost invariably leftist) individuals or groups. They'll claim it's propriety or kindness that holds their tongues but in reality it's fear. It's fear of the repercussions that so often now promptly ensue from offending a "feminist," "homosexual," "Muslim," "immigrant," etc. People (even those on the right) literally jump through all manner of verbal hoops to avoid those repercussions. People are more afraid of using the word "pervert" in association with a sexual deviant than they are virtually anything else in the world these days. They live in constant fear of ridicule and reprisal, from a visceral and violent Socialist mob, but think themselves free. Why speak of this? Because the left is slowly but surely establishing the same stigma around being a gun owner. It's slowly but surely becoming shameful to be a gun owner, in the same way it's now considered shameful to oppose same sex marriage.The left's gradually changing the way society views firearms, one generation at a time, in much the same manner it did regarding same sex relationships, terrorism, socialized medicine, etc. Some nutjob shoots someone. All gun owners are blamed by Socialists. Socialists want all gun owners to be punished for the actions of one person. Dissent is suppressed by accusing those that defend themselves and their liberties as lacking compassion, being heartless, and/or trivializing the death(s) of the victim(s). Meanwhile, these same pontificating pricks continue to support, defend, fund, and perpetrate mass genocide ("abortion"). No compassion. No pity. No remorse for the 60 million dead in America's racist eugenics murder factories. Because when a leftist wants to kill you, they just declare you're not technically human, and therefore had no right to life in the first place. (You know, like those pesky Jews.) Socialists exploit every crime perpetrated with a gun to vilify all gun owners, and foment doubt in their minds about the necessity of an armed citizenry. All while simultaneously producing generations ever more comprised of effeminate cream puffs through their social engineering apparatus, that see no need for firearms in the hands of civilians, or which harbor an outright irrational fear of an inanimate object rendered the modern Boogeyman by assiduous demonization from the left. Through this the Socialist left is slowly restructuring society into one that is anti-Second Amendment. A society that doesn't believe in "deities," they find the very notion ridiculous, but believes guns are homicidal monsters with a will of their own; things that literally produce death wherever they're found. And they are winning because they control, and will continue to control for the foreseeable future, all of the institutions that mold and influence public opinion.
Slowly over time, as the populace is rendered progressively more ignorant and intellectually inept, it's becoming more and more incapable of even recognizing much less articulating the conspicuous contradictions inherent to leftist thought. According to leftists the state, which has murdered more people than any other entity in human history (often with firearms), should be the only one to possess firearms. According to leftists the police are an indelibly racist cabal of homicidal madmen that routinely murder innocent black Americans, with firearms, and our fascist military invades foreign nations and murders brown people for oil, yet these two subsidiaries of the state are the only ones who should be allowed to possess and use firearms. The very institutions from which leftists (black leftists in particular) claim people need protection, because they abuse their authority and the privilege of firearm use, are the only ones that should have it according to them, for their safety. The Jews were in more than one instance murdered by their own governments; its police and military. A government that disarmed the Jews, and retained that right for itself, precisely so the former would be helpless against the latter. Tens of millions of Russians were murdered by their own government. But we should ignore all of that; because that's what you have to do to believe sweeping gun bans are a solution to rogue nut jobs on a homicidal vendetta. Indeed, most leftists are completely oblivious to this historical reality altogether and as they say, "ignorance is bliss." To the ignoramus that knows nothing, it's only natural that banning all civilian gun ownership would solve the problem. Complex problems have simple solutions for one with an infantile world view. They'll make asinine assertions like what can rifles do against a military with bombs, tanks, and jet fighters. Which only serve to further convey their ignorance and infantility. Al Qaeda didn't have tanks and jet fighters either yet defeated the Russian Army; they defeated the American army too according to many leftists. But again, don't pay attention to such contradictions, just feel really strongly about the issue instead. Logic? Pragmatism? Facts? These are not upon what you're opinion should be based. Instead rapidly channel your unadulterated commie/hippie ignorance into a ball of 100% pure, mindless, positive energy outrage (that only coincidentally consistently mirrors the Socialist platform). And only then, when you've become one with the stupid, will you find the answers you seek. You see, you don't need to change the Constitution, if you can radically change societies understanding of it and the reality in which they live. And the left consistently does the latter as a means of achieving the former. The Second Amendment was not put into the Constitution to protect hunting rights. It was placed there to ensure the people have the means to protect themselves from their own government, and to prevent them from suffering the same fate as the mid-twentieth century Jews. Period. But the more facile and obtuse the left renders society, the more obscure and harder to grasp that truth becomes. Babies can't own or use guns, and consequently the Nazi Socialist left of America has killed 60 million of them. Again I ask, as I did years ago, if they will do that to the most innocent of all human life, simply for being an inconvenience, what do you think they'll do to you who've "offended" them, and whom they overtly hate, once you're disarmed? History provides the answer, and it wasn't an isolated incident.
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