Monday, February 08, 2016

How representative government works.

By Justin Esthay

So I called into a radio show recently in Louisiana, and as usual host just didn't "get it." The host moans about Bobby Jindal's administration ad nauseam; Bobby Jindal spent to much, and left the state in debt, etc.

And as I said to that host, the solution to a bad Republican's excessive spending, is never to elect a Socialist to "fix" it. Every place in this country run by Democrats is a financial wasteland of massive debt and excess bureaucracy. Furthermore, we just had this very scenario unfold at the federal level. George Bush was the biggest spending Republican in presidential history. America elected a Socialist to "fix" it. And what happened? Did Obama cut spending? No. His own spending dwarfed that of his predecessor (and all of his predecessors combined). And now in Louisiana the people have done the exact same thing, stupidly believing it would result in a different outcome. Because the people of Louisiana, it turns out, are a particularly obtuse lot.

When the man who has spent more of others peoples' money in all of human history, comes down to your state to endorse your governor, that's not a good sign.

Louisiana elected a Socialist to fix a Republican's mess, and the first thing he does is hammer their asses, with sweeping tax hikes and no substantive spending cuts. Because the people of this country see yet are blind. They hear yet are def. And for this reason they simply did not learn from the fiasco that played out, for the last 8 years, right before their eyes and ears at the federal level. Instead they cast votes out of ignorance, devoid of understanding, which cause more harm than good (for themselves and everyone else).

Included in this post is a visual aid I devised, to illustrate the difference between a free society and a totalitarian society.

On the left side one sees a totalitarian state. In such a society power is consolidated in the hands of a tiny minority of the population (of which the state is always comprised); hence the narrowing of the pyramid as it goes up toward the end with the most power. Conversely in a free society, the pyramid is upside down, and power is broadly distributed amongst the people in general; hence the narrowing of the pyramid as it goes down toward the end with the least power.

What should concern you, is that most Americans have an inverted perception of this illustration, meaning that though they were given the form of government on the right, they view behave as though they have the government depicted on the left. They have a backwards perception of where power rests in their society, and therefore when their government is corrupt, they blame those that administer said government instead of those truly in charge. Themselves.

The entire farcical spectacle of American government today, is one of an incompetent boss who hires incompetent employees, who then subsequently blames the employees for the resulting mess. The people are the boss however, but never seem to figure this out. They just keep blaming their servants, and mindlessly swapping out one bad servant for a worse one, and wondering why nothing improves.

Our problems as a society will never truly be "fixed," until the people realize their proper role in the governing process, and take responsibility for their own incompetence. But it needs to be understood that this incompetence does not merely produce inefficient government. It produces oppressive government.

The problem with present day America's view of government, is that excises the people from their proper role in government, and abdicates their powers to the state. The American peoples' warped perspective on government, induces them to view their servants as their masters and to redistribute power from themselves to their servants, under the misguided auspices of fixing problems far beyond the intended purview of those servants. The natural result of this is the gradual transition of the government on the right into the one depicted on the left.

Many states allow for the removal of ineffectual or malfeasant servants, but the people simply don't exercise this recourse. So ignorant are the people of their own role in government, they simply leave bad servants in office for their full terms allowing them to inflict maximum damage, only to eventually swap them out for another just as bad or worse than his predecessor.

Presidents, governors, senators, and congressmen are not to blame for our woes. They never were. It was always your fellow American walking down the street. They hold the real power under a representative form of government, and they make the real policy decisions. And as long as they refuse to own that responsibility, and the consequences of their own incompetency in executing that responsibility, things will only get worse, until eventually, they have redistributed all of their power away to their servants, and are no longer masters of the political process, but slaves to it.
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