Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democrat Debate Play by Play! Or Carnival of Fools!

Anderson Copper asked Hillary Clinton if she is a flip-flopper. Hillary Clinton replied that she worked for a non-profit in college. lol She then mentioned that she is a moderate/extreme progressive who likes to get things done.

Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders if he is a socialist and if he thinks a socialist can be elected in the U.S.

Bernie Sanders replied that he doesn't believe in capitalism and agreed that he wanted financing for the Sandinista's -the guys from the video game Contra that we all killed playing Nintendo in the 90's. Sanders also honeymooned in communist Russia.

Cooper asked O'Malley if American's should trust him to run the country after the Baltimore Riots. O'Malley replied that he helped a family out that some drug dealers from his city fire-bombed in their sleep. lol

Webb sounds decent. He is real and unafraid. I am pleasantly surprised.

Anderson Cooper asked Sander's why he would allow rioters to bring guns on trains. Bernie boasted that he has a D - from the NRA for his positions against guns. He then changed the subject to suicidal people and why they deserve free health care.

Hillary claimed Bernie Sanders is not tough enough on gun violence then bashed the NRA to a round of left-wing thunderous applause. She claimed she voted against the Brady Bill but Bernie Sanders voted for it. Hillary wants to put gun manufacturers in jail if someone they sold a gun to uses it in a crime. (Good luck buying a gun!)

O'Malley (trying to sound like Bill Clinton) told some story about a gun shop that sold 4,000 bullets to a guy that used 1 or 2 bullets to kill someone.

Bernie Sanders talked about the difference between rural areas and cities and O'Malley loked like he was going have a stroke and bragged that he had an F from the NRA and then Bernie Sanders accused him of making false promises.

Webb reminded O'Malley that average American's deserve the right to protect their families.

Anderson Cooper asked Hillary about Russia. Clinton replied that she liked Medvedev better! She blamed Putin for Syria when she funded ISIS and lied about Benghazi.

Bernie Sanders called Syria a quagmire within a quagmire. Bernie said that he would not get involved in any more wars, especially with ground troops.

Hillary called the war in Iraq a mistake that she voted for.

Hillary admitted that Obama disagreed with Obama on Iraq but Obama still appointed her Secretary of State because he "trusted her judgement." lol

Then she claimed she is worried about the ISIS she helped create at Secretary of State.

Bernie Sanders would actually use force if... there was ethnic cleansing and for the attack on Osama Bin Laden. He wants coalitions, not unilateral action.

O'Malley: No President should take military force off the table like Bernie Sanders would. Hillary Clinton stared up at him awkwardly while he spoke about, "searching the world for monsters he would destroy" as if she were in love. talked about being "in the middle" of the boys.

O'Malley accused Assad, King of Syria, of "invading Syria." haha

Webb: Russia is in Syria because the Iraq war destabilized the region, the Arab Spring happened, and the Iran, nuke deal has caused a power struggle. He talked about having to stand up to China because of the islands they are building, the cyber warfare they have conducted, and for the way they treat their own people.

Bernie Sanders told Putin he will regret what he is doing in Syria.

Anderson Cooper asked Hillary if she should have seen Benghazi coming?

Hillary didn't answer the question. Anderson pressed the issue and she said, "Well, I'll get to that." She said "there is always the risk of getting killed."

Bernie Sanders declared that the world will not be habitable for our children because we use gas and electricity. lol Guy is a nut job.


Cooper asked the Hilda Beast about her emails and claimed she can't handle the situation. He then asked why she thinks she can she handle being President?

Hillary then admitted that she was wrong and then blamed Republicans for using the issue against her. Then she started talking about health care. lol

Cooper brought her back to the email issue. He noted that Obama has called this a serious issue and that the FBI is investigating it.

Bernie Sanders came to the Hilda Beast's defense. "America is sick of hearing about your emails!" Hillary thanked him and started laughing like a troll.

Then Cooper called out the other Democrats who have said that Hillary's mistakes are actually a big deal because they reduce her credibility.

Cooper then called out O'Malley for claiming the the entire Democratic party was being defined by Hillary's email scandal. He then said that since Hillary finally agreed to a debate that the Democratic Party could stop being defined by her emails.

Bernie Sanders chose "Black Lives Matter" over "All lives Matter" even though according to the very liberal Washington Post only 25 African American's have been killed by police this year out of 668 even though African American's make up 10% to 15% of the population.

Hillary Clinton called Obama a "great moral leader" on race relations. lol I can't stop laughing these statements are so bad. Hillary then talked about early childhood education and raised her voice to get mindless applause.

Sanders said the gap between rich and poor is a largest is has been in years even after 8 years of Obama. Then Sander's said he wants to create millions of new jobs by raising minimum wage and making college free. He also agreed with Trump that our trade deals with foreign nations are ripping us off.

Cooper told Hillary she was part of the 1%. Hillary didn't deny it.

O'Malley talked about implementing all of Bernie Sanders programs in Baltimore before the riots! lol

Sanders wants to break up big banks. Hillary wants to help the banks. Then Hillary said she wants to put a lot of attention on the banks.She is so fake.

Hillary went to Wall Street! And she said, "Cut it out!" "Stop foreclosing on people!" She said she wanted to send some Wall Street folks to jail.

Bernie told Webb he would tell them to give Webb some time to talk. Then he said Wall Street makes the rules for Congress rather than the other way around.

O'Malley accused the big banks of controlling 65% of the economy when before Dodd/Frank they only controlled 15%.

Cooper stated that if the big banks didn't get a bail out the economy would collapse. Bernie told them that the rich should have paid for the bail out.

Webb said neither party has the guts to take on Wall Street. He accused Wall Street of having too much foreign money as well.

.06% of Americans make over $460,000 but generate much more of the wealth.

Hillary is not in favor of making college free for Donald Trump's kids. Bernie said his free education plan would make The Donald pay more taxes.

Bernie said a college degree is equal to a High School Diploma fifty years ago and just like High School is free college should be too.

Sanders wants to give all American's medicare and raise social security.

Hillary said she wants to lower interest rates for all college debt. Hillary said she wants to allow anyone to be able to go to a public college tuition free. She said she thinks people need to work 10 hours a week for the free school. She also said she wants colleges to get their costs down.

She does support raising social security for the poorest people on the program. She does not support private accounts.

Bernie said he founded a caucus meant to defend social security. He wanted to lift the cap on taxable income. He said that would make Social Security solvent until 2061.

Bernie on immigration? Bernie left illegals at the alter, so why should illegals trust Sanders? lol Bernie called immigrants working in America legalized slavery.

O'Malley and Hillary want to give illegals free health care. O'Malley wants to give them free health care more than Hillary. He said free health care for illegals would make everyone earn $250 extra. (He must be a math-a-magician.)

O'Malley, Sanders, and Hillary want to give illegals free college!

Sanders is wearing a vampire collar! Happy Halloween.

Bernie Sanders made excuses as to why so many Veterans have been stiffed by the VA.

Hillary defended her vote in favor of the Patriot Act. She does whatever she thinks is popular.

Bernie Sanders would shut down the NSA surveillance program.

Chafee said Snowden is a hero who showed the government was doing illegal things and that he should be freed.

Hillary and O'Malley think Snowden should be in jail. Bernie thinks he's a hero but should get in trouble.

Hillary condemned Snowden for giving classified information to others when she herself compromised classified information with her emails.

O'Malley said his administration would be different because he would break up the big banks.

Hillary said she would be different than Obama because she wouldn't be a man!

She gave some fake answer and then made some weird face.

Bernie Sanders talked about a revolution against companies.

Bernie said he wants a revolution again, with millions of people.

Anderson Cooper said everyone in the debate room has tried marijuana.

Cooper called the Clinton's a "royal family." Hillary said it was ok because she is a woman.

O'Malley said that he has traveled and heard two phrases "new leadership" and "get things done."
He said that the old household names have not moved us forward.

Bernie Sanders said that there is profound frustration around the country with the establishment and that he is the only non-billionaire candidate. He also said there were 100,000 house parties watching the debate. (lol The Republicans had 23 million. We'll see what the CNN ratings for the Dem debate winds up being.)

Webb wants global agreements about pollution.

Bernie Sanders said that he agrees with the Pope on Climate Change. lol He tried to defend "carbon taxes" aka taxing air. He called energy a moral issue, but morals aren't allowed in politics when it comes to homosexuality and abortion.

Hillary needs China and India to stop producing affordable energy and reduce pollution.

Hillary responded to a question about family paid leave when you have a baby by defending abortion. Guess we won't need any leave that way, huh!?

Bernie Sanders favors legalized recreational pot.

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